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Welcome To IBC Tamil

IBC Tamil (formerly the International Broadcasting Corporation for Tamil) is a multimedia company offering subscription-free Tamil radio, television, magazine and online services across the globe. In 1997 IBC Tamil began as a radio station reaching out to Tamil people living all over the world, in the UK, Europe and the Middle East - soon to expand to Canada. Some of our online services are mentioned below.

IBC Tamil

Latest News, Television, Radio, Horoscope, Events, Notice all our services in one place.

IBC Tamil News

Latest News in politics, sports, technology, medical, cinema and much more on IBC Tamil News.

IBC Tamil TV

Live Television with news, entertainment, serials, daily schedules with detailed information.

IBC Tamil Radio

Live radio on air, host details, daily schedules & audio news versions. Latest news feeds from our site.

IBC Tamil Event

Events from all over the world short listed & presented in a pleasent view. Gallery from the past events.

IBC Tamil Notice

All kind of announcements from all over the world with a valid information from the family.

IBC Tamil Horoscope

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly & special prediction for all signs with corresponding predictors video.

IBC Tamil Neyar Mandram

Be a member of our family by subscribing with us & get more offer benefits & much more in a low cost.